Get ready to work the room like a pro at your next networking event. Our Telecom Consulting experts offer these three best practices that successful networkers use to engage others at any industry or friendly gathering:


  • Get to Know Event Organizers: Our Telecom Consulting professionals recommend that you introduce yourselves to the people coordinating the event either when you’re making reservations or during the evening at some point. Share a bit about who you are and who you would like to meet, and ask them if they have any individuals they recommend getting to know. Maybe they’ll even introduce you.
  • Listen and Be Curious: According to our Telecom Consulting executives, you’re certain to learn significantly more if you focus primarily on listening and inquiring about others. Consider yourself on a fact-finding mission to uncover pertinent information. Be open and absorb what you learn. Each person you meet has a story. Your job is to find out what it is and connect the dots as to how his or her goals will meet with your plans.
  • No Matter What, Smile: Even if you’re incredibly nervous or highly introverted, plaster a smile across your face as you speak to others. They’re more likely to relax (as are you), and you’ll find that your smile is contagious.

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