Telecom Consulting travel opportunities take us all over the map, with Washington state as our most recent destination. Two members of our team named Alex – our President and an Assistant Manager – made this trip to the Pacific Northwest and came back with lots of fresh insights and new connections. It was definitely an excursion to remember.

Travel is important for many reasons, one of which is that it lets us reset our perspectives. As we interact with other top performers and check out local attractions, we gain a greater appreciation for the work we do. This is especially true as we exchange best practices with people from other markets. We get to find out just how innovative and unique our outreach campaigns really are.

To get the most value out of our Telecom Consulting team travel events, we maintain our routines as much as possible. By sticking to our sleep schedules and workout regimens, we feel better during our trips and when we get back home. We cut back on caffeine when we travel, which helps us sleep better in our hotel rooms. To make sure we fit in some exercise, we pack our workout clothes (or at least comfortable walking shoes) every time we hit the road.

We’re all looking forward to our next big travel incentive. Follow Telecom Consulting on Instagram to stay updated on our team trips.

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“Mentorship and room to grow was the top priority in my search for a career. At Telecom Consulting I get that and more.” 

— Kevin

“I could not begin to explain the knowledge that I have gained from my time here. It is knowledge that can be transferred to any industry!”

— Stacy