Our most recent Telecom Consulting travel opportunity took us to Philadelphia. Alex, our firm’s President, explained, “Andrew, our newly promoted assistant manager, and a few other team members traveled across the country to connect with some of the most successful people in our business. Not only did our team have the opportunity to network, they also had a chance to learn from people who have made their own paths in our business.”

The Philly trip was especially valuable for Andrew, who is looking to expand into a new market in the aftermath of his promotion. Alex noted that everyone on Team Telecom Consulting is excited to see what Andrew accomplishes in his role as an assistant manager. He has always set a positive example for our team, but now we get to see Andrew take the reins and broaden our market influence.

Getting to know our teammates on a deeper level is one of the prime outcomes of our travel events. We get to see different sides of each other’s personalities as we interact with people from all across the country. Positive traits that don’t get expressed during our normal workdays come to the fore when we’re far from home. This leads to stronger teamwork on behalf of our national service partners.

We’re excited for our next big team getaway, wherever it might take us. Follow Telecom Consulting on [Twitter] for updates from the road.

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“Mentorship and room to grow was the top priority in my search for a career. At Telecom Consulting I get that and more.” 

— Kevin

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— Stacy