It’s time for us to reflect on our biggest Telecom Consulting achievements of 2019. This is always an inspiring time of year for us, because we get to think about all the things that have gone well over the past year and how we can build on them in the near and distant future. As we celebrate the holiday season, we’re also getting more and more excited about 2020.

Team growth was definitely one of the major themes for us in 2019. We saw several of our top performers ascend to leadership roles. Our R&R trip to Cancun was an ideal way to honor these dedicated folks. We also got to meet and learn from a lot of highly accomplished leaders during our time in sunny Mexico.

Alex, our firm’s President, explained that we plan to continue this trend into 2020. He added that promoting one or two account managers is on his list of goals, along with elevating three to five people into leadership positions.

We also built on our Telecom Consulting commitment to social giving in 2019. Sharing our success with worthy causes has always been a big part of our ethos. We’re already looking into our philanthropic options in the year to come.

We’re ready to tackle 2020 and reach our performance goals. Follow Telecom Consulting on Instagram to get updates on how we’re doing.

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— Kevin

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— Stacy