We highlight a top-performing member of Team Telecom Consulting every month. Gabriella is the latest associate to receive recognition, along with a promotion to the assistant manager level. In her new role, Gabriella will be responsible for guiding a team to achieve preset goals. It is a job for which she is well equipped.

“Gabriella has a great student mentality and outstanding work ethic,” stated Alex, our firm’s President. “She always overcomes challenges and solves problems that come her way.” Gabriella also looks for new ways to help those around her achieve their objectives, which makes her an ideal addition to our Telecom Consulting management team.

Among the many winning traits Gabriella brings to her work is a positive mind-set that is contagious. “Gabriella inspires everyone to be accountable for the results they achieve,” Alex added. “She’s also willing to offer assistance to anyone who needs it, which means she will thrive in a leadership role. I’m excited to watch her progress as a person and as a leader.”

Goal setting is a hallmark of our success, and it’s another area in which Gabriella shines. She establishes clear objectives that include well-defined roles for every member of her team. Everyone knows what needs to be done, so they’re empowered to perform at their best.

We’re ready to watch Gabriella excel as an assistant manager. Follow her progress by liking Telecom Consulting on Linkedin.

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— Kevin

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— Stacy