Alex is our newest Telecom Consulting assistant manager, and we’re proud to put him in the spotlight this month. He’s had an interesting journey to his present position, showing the importance of resolve in reaching any major career goal. We’re all excited to watch Alex continue sharpening his skills as he adjusts to his new role.

Originally from the Northeast, Alex is the middle of three brothers. He was athletic from an early age, playing many different sports. He spent much of his free time hunting and fishing. Alex’s family is from Portugal, so he actually lived abroad for eight years.

After finishing high school overseas, Alex returned to the U.S. to study hospitality administration at Boston University. From there, he moved to Los Angeles and started his career at the Four Seasons. It was through this position that Alex found his passion for customer service and working with people. After tiring of the corporate structure, Alex decided to focus more on the marketing aspect of business, including event coordination.

Alex soon started his own company with friends – a boutique house agency where they focused on digital media. A little later on, an opportunity with Telecom Consulting revealed itself. Alex was excited and attracted to the uncapped potential for growth we offer. He enjoys the structure of our program and how fast people are able to grow into new roles. Alex has stayed focused on success ever since and is at the forefront of the marketing campaign.

Some of Alex’s goals are to open his own business by July, win Rookie of the Year, and achieve financial freedom. To get updates on his progress, be sure to follow Telecom Consulting on Instagram.

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— Kevin

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— Stacy